About us


Hi and welcome to our website! 

We are Frontier Tribe our little vegan family of three (with one on the way!) - Josh, Kez and our son Zion River.

a little about us...

We're passionate about living well, slowing down, eating healthy and creating a simple life - at home and when we’re travelling in the van. 

You will usually find us at the beach, a waterhole or waterfall, adventuring in the van, or somewhere else outside together! We’re on a journey of simplifying and slowing down our life in amongst the daily chaos of real life and parenthood. We feel so inspired to share the things we have learnt and the things that we are learning, so have a look around and we hope you enjoy this ride with us!

why personal wellness is so important to us...

Looking after ourselves, not over-doing it and general personal wellness is something we really focus on. In 2014 Josh went through completely debilitating anxiety after a year travelling overseas. Neither of us expected it. Josh is the most vibrant, outgoing, full of life person you’ll meet. He was unable to be around crowds, afraid of flights, he experienced anxiety like we had never known before - even a simple act of washing the dishes was too much for him to handle. We were in Peru at the time, so we cut our trip short to get his health back on track. We walked the long road to get his health back.

But then I (Kez) got chronic fatigue - I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t get out of bed, I didn't even have energy to lift my hand - it makes my heart beat faster and tears spring to my eyes as I’m thinking of what we went through during this time. But by the grace of God and after almost a year I was healed and I didn’t have to battle with this sickness for years, as I know others have.

Going through these illnesses was what made us stop and reevaluate what's important to us and how we were living our life.


how did we get well and how do we look after ourselves now? 

We've learnt a lot and are still constantly learning. We don't always get it right, we fail all the time, but we keep going. Clearing the clutter in our minds and life so we can live the full life we are meant to live. 

Through simple methods which we will share here on our website. This is a journey we're on, join us. Together we can have so much fun and do great things!