Van life with a toddler

The sun’s out, the windows are down, my heart is full and Zion is free. We’re all free. There are no useless distractions from the day to day life we so often find ourselves consumed with. Our minds are clear, open and free from the heaviness.   

We’re focusing on our family, on spending quality time sewing into the foundation of our relationships together. This might seem selfish to some, but it’s what we feel is right for our family at the moment. Not forever, but for now, this is where we feel our hearts are leading us. 

Back to the matter at hand - van life with a toddler. It’s a different pace, it takes a few days to get into the right rhythm that works for all of us, especially Zion. He needs consistency, he needs to know that amongst all the moving and change, there is a constant. We have our morning routine, we have our lunch/sleep time routine and then it’s the dinner/sleep time routine; these stay pretty much the same each day. While it might seem constricting to some, it’s what keeps our day to day life in the van smooth. We’re then free to explore whatever town, beach, waterhole is in front of us with a happy and settled little boy. There are still times of toddler tantrums and clinginess (for Zion), and getting stressed and feeling overwhelmed (for us), But they occur less frequently than they would at home, when our minds are too full.  

We find Zion has the deepest, longest sleeps in the van. He’s been breathing in the fresh air all day until his head hits the pillow. He’s been exploring and adventuring. He’s been learning constantly about the world around him in unique and intriguing ways, and he’s had quality time with both of us. This brings out the best in him. The happy, thoughtful, creative, active little man he is called to become.

Van life with a toddler? It’s a place where we feel the most free, the most at peace and our hearts the most full.