sheep herding in norway

You know those moments when you volunteer to help out just because everyone else is and you feel too guilty not to? That was one of these moments, except when the day came, everyone else who previously offered seemed to come up with a great excuse as to why they couldn’t help and we were the only ones left. It turns out sheep herding in Norway is a pretty spectacular experience and we were stoked to not have any excuses that could have cleared us of our duties. We found ourselves in complete contrast to the Indian Sheep herder we featured in edition two, who was chilling cliff side. High up in the Norwegian mountains, with rolling hills that continued into the distance, cut randomly by the winding ocean, it felt like it was just us and the sheep at the end of the world. 

It doesn’t take long to work out that sheep are stubborn, dumb and can run pretty quick over uneven ground. Instead of taking the simple route down the winding road, we chased them in every other direction. Some were left on the mountain that day, being too determined to do their own thing than come home for the winter. We chased sheep for hours and were left exhausted but refreshed from the clean air and simplicity of the mountains. After we got them home safely tucked away for winter we sat down for a warm brew and hand made scones with jam.