Selfish is a harsh and confronting word. It stops you instantly. It’s not a crude word or profane. It is a lot more powerful. 

On our trip to India, I had been contemplating the meaning or even purpose of the cruisy lifestyle and culture of the Australian working and non-working class. Is it merely to get a good education so you can go to university? Or to get a trade, slip into your career, upgrade your car, buy a house with more bedrooms and go on a couple of holidays a year, then retire at a ripe old age of 68? Note here, I’m not suggesting that being educated and working hard isn’t beneficial, but rather the contrary. What I’m implying is, what are we collectively doing for the greater good in the world, with those skills and abilities that have been dealt to us?

Maybe it’s just me thinking aloud after reading ‘The Young Che: Memories of Che Guevara’ and ‘Women of the Gobi: Journeys on the Silk Road’. Che fought for what he believed in. Like the three young English missionaries that gave up their toffee nosed English life in the early 1900’s for their cause, travelling the Silk road for almost 30 years. I suppose in a way then, I am wondering - what am I fighting or living for?