Untouched Red Cliff

Red Cliff, you came at just the right time to reveal your raw, intoxicating, healing beauty to us. There's something about travelling through small towns, down dirt roads and making sure you've filled up your water tanks. There's no high-rises, or constructions of any kind, just ocean and good old Australian beach shrubbery for miles - you feel like you've really left all your troubles behind. 

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man” - John Muir. This is exactly what we needed. A place whose beauty was untouched. Truly feeling closer to nature, to God who created us, to each other as a family.

We parked our van on a hill overlooking the surf through the trees. We explored, Zion and I napped in the van and Josh surfed down below. We had afternoon "showers" in the ocean and came back as the sun was setting. We ate our dinner as kangaroos grazed next to us, (which was great entertainment for Zion) and had fires under the stars. Our days didn't consist of much, but Red Cliff, after our stay with you, our hearts and spirits were full.