Slowing down with a toddler


We thought we were already living the slow life, but then Zion came along and we realised there's so much to learn. He's constantly teaching us new ways to slow down, to take it all in and to be in every moment. Everything is new and exciting to him, he truly enjoys the little things. He grabs our finger to pull us back to a weed we walked past, that he thinks is the best thing ever. He stops and gently picks up dirty rocks on the path one by one and puts them in a special spot. He pushes my face in Josh's direction in the morning with an excited expression to remind me that we're so blessed to wake up next to this guy. The little things, which we overlook each day because we're too busy to notice, are starting to be such a big part of how we experience life together. 

We wanted to share a few practical things we have learnt about slowing down with a toddler...

1. Get outside
A moment outside is so good for clearing our minds, refreshing us and letting Zion run free at the same time. It doesn't have to be a massive adventure all the time, just getting out in the fresh air, some grass, sand or sunshine is all it needs to be.  

2. Connect
Being intentional about connecting as a family and being in the moment. Taking a break from getting our endless jobs done, putting away our phones and really talking and paying attention to each other.

3. Go with the flow
There's no denying that kids need some sort of a plan, but we've learnt to just go with the flow and hold our plans loosely. It's been a lot more relaxing when we don't hold onto our plans so tightly. Letting them go, taking the time to listen to what Zion needs.