Feeling the constraints of time and being pulled in several directions at once, we knew the only solution was to bundle the family up into the van and head away, just us. We drove into the night. It's more peaceful that way. Zion asleep in the back and Kez and I sitting in silence and sometimes chatting. Taking our own time to disconnect from all the things that had stolen our attention through the week. We rolled up to the place I had planed to reach well after 10pm. I knew this spot from previous surf trips - it was just out of town, set between the sand dunes and the river. Kez nursed Zion under the shade of the moon that was half full while I unassembled the baby seat and slid out the bed. As we lay in bed with the sound of the ocean just over the dunes, I felt content. If it was for just that moment, it would have been worth all the effort. As we drifted off to sleep I knew it was for more than that. It was for the memory, for the adventure, it was for the way of life, it was for Zion as well as us. We kept the van parked up and spent our time down by the beach, under the trees or exploring along the river. We walked into town and then back to our quiet little home set amongst the sand dunes. We drove home salty, with more sand in the van and at peace again.