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How to gently wean a breastfeeding & co-sleeping toddler

I breastfed Zion until he was almost two and a half, we had our last feed while we were on holidays in Yamba. I didn’t know that would be our last time but am really happy it was somewhere special. I was happily breastfeeding Zion on demand and was wanting to wait until he naturally weaned, I thought this would be the most natural, lovely thing to happen…

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Three vegan snacks I'm loving in my vegan pregnancy

Being mindful and eating foods that feed our growing baby and my body with the best vitamins and minerals is something so important to me. To make sure that I'm giving our baby the best possible start in life but also to make sure I'm looking after myself. My everyday wellness depends on it - my energy levels, my mind and my emotions. So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite healthy vegan snacks.

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Van Life Tour | Our Custom VW Van Conversion

Our cozy little home on wheels, our resting place, our haven - it takes us back to nature and brings us back to the basics, while reminding us what's really important in life for us. Just us - Josh and Kez with our little son Zion River. We put together a little tour of how we converted our van for a few thousand dollars. Our van is super simple but we love it!

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Van Life slowing down | Traveling vegan family

Truly slowing down has been a lesson we’re still learning, listening to our bodies and slowing down our mind. Taking time out, going for a walk, listening to the birds, the cool water trickling over the rocks, putting aside what’s in our heads and paying attention to the present moment, has been refreshing and something we bring in to our normal everyday lives.

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