How to plan a spontaneous camping trip

Being away, exploring new or familiar spots, getting out of your normal/every day routine is so refreshing, it's like a re-set of your mind. Being free from every day stresses, not getting caught up on what needs to be done and having uninterrupted time to spend with your family. A refreshing, brain and soul re-set. 

We like to get away chance we get. Sometimes, if we're feeling overwhelmed or when we're not feeling connected, we know it's time to get on the road again. So this sometimes means we will have a chat on Friday morning and set off on a little adventure on Friday night. In times like this perfecting a quick, easy and stress free way to pack everything  is pretty important. We thought we'd share our tips to help you get away on that spontaneous camping trip you might be in need of.  

1. Don't stress. Seriously, just breathe. I know it's rushed, I know it's all happening so quickly. But, stressing really isn't going to be of any aid to you. Drink a nice big glass of water with lemon, get a clear mind so you can focus on what needs to get done. 

2. Where do you want to go? Don't aim too big so the drive doesn't kill all your enthusiasm and take up your weekend.

3. You're only going for a quick trip, so you don't need much. If you wear the same t-shirt twice is that so bad? Grab two sets of clothes, just whatever you've been wearing lately, some pj's, two undies, toothbrush & toothpaste and you're packing is done. 

4. Do the same for the kids. Maybe throw in a few extra shirts, because we all know how dirty kids get!

5. Have a set up / pantry already set up. We always have everything in one spot and all stocked up with the necessities we know we use all the time. We can easily just grab these boxes and know that everything is in there. Then all you need to do is grab your gear, throw in some pillows and you're ready to take off. 

6. Pack some fresh fruit and any pre-made food you have in the fridge into your cooler.

7. Drive! Stop in at the petrol station, get fuelled up, grab some ice for your cooler and settle in for the drive.

8. While you're driving, jot down a quick meal plan for your trip. Think easy meals. What do you have in your camping pantry? Muesli for breakfasts, wraps for lunch, pasta for dinner. 

9. Have the best time! Don't worry if little things go wrong, or if you forgot something. Brush it off, ask someone if you can borrow theirs - we've met the nicest people when we've either forgotten something or the gas runs out! Brush off the bad vibes and think about how much this time together will benefit your family.  


A few things we always have in our camping boxes / pantry

Blanket, torch, lantern, gas bottle, cooker, lighter/matches, cooking utensils, dustpan & brush. (you might need your tent, hammer & sleeping bags)

Oats, pasta, wraps, beans, lentils, tinned tomatoes, herbs & spices.

We're working on a full list of packing essentials in our next guide. Sign up below to be the first to hear about when it launches!