Our latest van life adventure

“Live your dream and let your dream have life. Don't just live life; live and leave distinctive footprints of life in your life. There shall surely be criticisms and oppositions in all forms, but know your true purpose and understand how to give life to your true purpose no matter what. A true purpose is a true purpose notwithstanding where it is, though environment can hinder the true and real growth of a true purpose! Dream and give life to your dreams!” - Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

We are living a life I could have only dreamed of. The three of us, our travelling home, our stationary home, our adventures, our health, living in sync with our Creator.

So as you all probably know, we recently did 5 weeks travelling in the van. Just the three of us. We free-camped down the East Coast of Australia. We started on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and turned around right before the border of Victoria. We stopped in to see my sister’s family for a few days in Avoca, but other than that, the open stretch of road was our home. 

Our living quarters were small, but we got into a beautiful travelling flow with ease. Zion would wake up and with an excited little smile, he’d rush to open the curtains to see where our adventures were starting for the day. Most mornings Josh and I would give each other some alone time, for a swim, some stretching, a walk - whatever it was our bodies or mind needed that day. This ritual was important for us, we were always fresher for it and ready to be our best selves for that day. 

Our days were full of exploring small towns, swimming in wild beaches, collecting wildflowers, laying in our hammock, jumping off jetty’s, having day sleeps, driving down dirt roads - being in nature from when the sun rose until it’s last light. People seemed to have so much time and were so open to chat to us. Do we do this when we’re at home? Do we take the time to chat to someone new, to stop what we’re doing and open our minds to new experiences, ones that we hadn’t planned on happening in our predictable life? 

After 5 weeks on the road grounding ourselves again and experiencing life in a real and raw way we’ve come back home with our eyes opened. Opened to new experiences, unpredictability and a willingness to go with the flow, to live with less and create quality time for one another. With whatever comes our way, whatever we’re lead to do, to see, to experience - we will jump in head first. 

We’re working on the next travel guide which we’re excited to share the magical places we found and our adventures we had. Stay tuned!