Slow Days Spotify Playlist


If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I love slowing down my days. Especially as Zion has hit this toddler up and down life - it has really helped both all of us to have better days. Mid-week while Josh is working, Zion and I start our mornings very slowly - sipping a hot drink, eating a smoothie bowl of some sort, Zion playing out on the deck, while I do some stretching in the sun or our latest thing swinging in the hammock. I love choosing some essential oils for the infuser and then popping on a spotify playlist to create a nice calm atmosphere. 

I thought Iā€™d share them with you too - a collection of chilled out tunes that are perfect to set the tone for your day:


I hope you like our slow days playlist and it helps you create a chilled out vibe in your home.

Kez X